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How To Elex 2 best weapons: 9 Strategies That Work

This page of the Elex 2 guide provides important information on the game's combat system. It includes tips on melee and ranged combat, as well as skills. Additionally, it covers healing, unlocking magic, and spells. Combat is a crucial element in Elex 2, and this guide aims to equip players with the best tips toEach companion in Elex 2 belongs to a Magalan faction: Berserkers, Albs, Morkons, Clerics, or Outlaws. This significantly affects how they respond to quests and other player choices in Elex 2. Therefore, it is best to bring the corresponding companion to a faction's questline and remove them if said faction is the enemy target.What up Youtube and welcome to another video in todays video I give you guys the first episode in my legendary weapons guide for elex 2. Elex 2 in this sequ...Can be upgraded to Laser Rifle Mk3; Ingredients: Scrap x 110, Elex x 60, Laser Rifle Mk3 x 2; Skills: Build Weapons 3 The best off-the-shelf rifle the Albs have to offer. Laser Rifle Mk3Jul 3, 2023 · Best heavy weapons. The best heavy weapon is the Rocket Launcher III (70\70 strength\dexterity) with 125 damage. The Widowmaker (82\60 strength\dexterity) is the best Legendary grenade launcher with 114 damage. It shoots in bursts of 3 grenades which makes it particularly deadly. Mage Weapons. The Berserkers and the Clerics can cast magic (PSI ... A scrap merchant will have damaged weapons. What they sell is based on the player's faction rank. The difference between the two is that the arms dealer will not restock their undamaged weapons. A scrap merchant will restock their damaged weapons. If I recall correctly, in most cases, 3 damaged weapons cost more for the player than 1 undamaged ...Elex 2 Guide By Melex Through the World Elex 2 guide, solucja is a full description of the game's walkthrough, best builds, tips for starting, character development, combat, hacking and stealing.We described all factions and crafting and how to find skill trainers. Last update: 15 November 2023ELEX II is a sprawling open-world RPG filled with meaningful decisions, intricate lore, and most importantly, fascinating characters. These characters are divided up into six factions, all vying ...Armour & Accessories: A complete list of body armour, helmets, shades, shields, etc. You can sort this by various categories. Any help on locations with these is appreciated. Items: A complete list of consumables, crafting items and recipes, and even audio logs, pictures, and so on. Again, you can sort this by various categories.It was just one in Elex. So the devs had to recode to make it separate workbenches. Go to the forge. You need to learn blacksmithing and go to proper workbench. You have to visit the blacksmith anvil. It is a bit annoying that other things are workbenches but the melee weapons need the anvil. Thanks to all of you.Nov 5, 2017 · Morgian Nov 5, 2017 @ 10:59am. Berserkers: handaxe (1H) and warriors blade (2H) Clerics: regent sword (2H) and their hammer (2H) Outlaw: chainsaw sword (1H) and reaperblade (2H) All of them can be bought in the respective cities. I found at least one copy of all 1H weapons lying around, sometimes in very difficult locations, some were upgraded ... 2H Melee. A note on attributes: there is an attribute cap of 100, though you'll never need 100 in anything to equip gear or acquire abilities. There is no apparent level cap, though as with Elex ...Merchants in ELEX II. Merchants & Traders are like shops where you can buy and sell weapons, armor and equipment. Merchants are located mainly in faction settlements and in the Bastion. Not all potential trader NPCs will want to trade with you when you first meet them. Many of the Traders will require you to complete a mission.How to start An Alb Agent in ELEX 2. You'll receive An Alb Agent in ELEX 2 after escorting Skibor to the Depot. With the initial phase of the investigation conducted, tell Commander Irissa that you'd like to know where you have to go next. You'll then need to investigate Skibor's quarters located one floor above Irissa's chamber.The one that interests you the most. Clerics use tech and are religious zealots, Berserkers use magic and are trying to restore the land, Outlaws use drugs and do outlaw things. As far as I know, aside from backstory, they all relatively match each other in some way but with different mechanics/styles. #3.Can be upgraded to Enhanced Alb Shield; Ingredients: Scrap x 40, Elex x 20, Alb Shield x 2; Skills: Build Weapons 3. An Alb shield. Standard model. Cultivator Shield. 85%. Strength 48 ...Trainer Locations in Elex 2 Bastion Trainers. Bastion is home to a lot of the Berserker characters in Elex 2. It’s a pretty big city, but it’s one of the ones that are a bit easier to navigate. It’s home to four main ability trainers. Hunting Master Rolf in Bastion teaches: Ranged Weapons; Energy Master; Projectile Master; Powder MasterLarge World Map for ELEX II. Map of ELEX II World Magalan is divided into 9 parts, select the sector you are interested in to see a detailed map. ELEX 2 Maps with locations of Teleporters, Missions, Companions, Trainers, Teachers, Merchants, Traders, Legendary & Unique Weapons, Glasses, Safe Codes and Map Pieces, add your remarks and comments.Available versions of Damage Types: LRF - Reflector, Radioactive (Radiation), Fire. PIF - Poison, Ice, Fire. SQE - Stasis, PSI, Energy. A big thank to Obus, Overlord Cthulhu, Simbacca82, Veritas Calivmeir, Matei Valentin and others for sending additions to the list of weapons. List of Energy Weapons available in ELEX with Damage and Attribute ...A few things you should keep in mind when wielding a two-hander.My Patreon: you e...Remember to roll (the O button for PS4/PS5) and do so often. The enemies in Elex 2 do a good job of telegraphing their attacks, so just wait for the animation of the attack to start and roll. Keep your guard (L1 for PS4/PS5) up when unable to roll; you’ll still take damage, but it will be lessened. Alternate between light and heavy attacks.upgrading plasma weapons? i went on a little thieving spree and stole some alb plasma blasters. the weird thing: damaged plasmacanon mk2 does 454 damge and is worth 6962 elexit. combining three of those on a workbench (which needed strangely enough just skill level 1) gave me a plasmacanon mk2, 438 damage worth 21904 elxit. uhm wut?This requires a total of 45 Strength, 50 Dexterity, 30 Intelligence and 20 Constitution. Now you have a large repertoire, which gives you many more options in a wide variety of combat situations. Leave the master and specialist talents available for the respective weapon categories to the left for now.Video with Elex 2 Legendary item location - Troll Reaper One Handed Weapon🎞️️️️️️️️Item Location Playlist: ...This page of the Elex 2 guide presents the best abilities to acquire early on in the game. This guide lists the recommended abilities to purchase early in the game to aid in combat, exploration, crafting, theft, or other unique activities. To unlock these abilities, players must pay trainers for their services. A list ofI like the final armor for all the factions in Elex 1 because they look so much better. The only cool armor in Elex 2 is the Morkons. Even the Albs commander armor in Elex 2 looks downgraded when compared to Elex 1. The Albs commander armor in Elex 1 had blue lights everywhere and looks overall better. Since I already played with the Albs ...1. High-Tech Weaponsmith is one of the Cleric Abilities in ELEX . This grants the ability to upgrade Cleric Melee weapons like a Regent Sword with Energy, Psi or Stasis status effects, or add a Gem Socket. Note that if you later Upgrade the weapon tier such as from Regent Sword I to Regent Sword II while a Modification is on it, you will lose ...The world of cult sci-fi fantasy hit ELEX is back in ELEX II, the newest offering from Piranha Bytes, creators of Gothic and Risen.With yet another stunning, sprawling open world to get lost in ...In my experience, best weapons are laser weapons. Ammo is cheaper and you can shoot burst. Just pick the best you can find and mod it. Regardind your second question, I do think one with the weapon works with all ranged weapons. 2.Unique missions items cannot be sold, so no worries there. There are other things needed by missions, but plenty available in the environment or from merchants. So far these for me: Beer, iron ore, leather (a berserker hunter buys it for more), gas masks. I'm still early on in the game, so I'm sure there's lots more.This place is located east from Domed City. You can reach that place by starting your journey near the city and following the asphalt road to the east. It is a great weapon for those that like to use melee attacks. The base form requires 52 Strength and 26 Constitution. The weapon deals 44 damage.One that might get missed is trading with Hank outside of Tilas' hut. Speak with Hank to start the ELEX 2 Meeting With Hank mission. Here's how that mission plays out, and what you can get. Hank has an offer for you - pay him 250 shards and he'll have a special offer to trade with him. However, you'll have to wait 2 days to come back.BUY ZOMBIE HOUSE HERE: To Find ThingsPatreon - https:...With Albs, the lightning range (only ranged magic) is too short to replace a ranged weapon. And the best ranged weapon I could use at that time was a bow. So I ended up playing magic (fist + lightning) + bow for a while. Then I switched to magic (fist + lightning) + laser rifle. Then finally got to sword + magic (fist + lightning) + laser weapon.Video with Elex 2 Legendary item location - Firebreather Heavy Weapon🎞️️️️️️️️Item Location Playlist: ...Join the Albs? #1. Fragnarok Mar 1, 2022 @ 11:02pm. The dialogue with the Ignadaon NPCs (Irissa, Azok, Ekrom) makes it sound like they are low on supplies and won't start selling it until you beat their storyline quest. #2. Cozmiku Mar 1, 2022 @ 11:58pm. Found the trader in the depot section, confirmed NPC dialogue states you "Need to be an alb ...ELEX II is a sprawling open-world RPG filled with meaningful decisions, intricate lore, and most importantly, fascinating characters. These characters are divided up into six factions, all vying ...The world of Elex 2 knows no mercy and is ruthless against you, especially at the beginning. In principle, every creature that you encounter is able to transport Jax underground with almost no problems. It is all the more important that you equip yourself with the best weapons that the role-playing game has to offer as quickly as possible.Typically, if you want to get good gear in Elex 2, you will need to fight powerful enemies. This is why most players will struggle in the early parts of the game. However, you can get all the loot below without fighting enemies and just by simply sneaking up on the area. Enhanced Enforcer Sword. The first item you can get is the Enhanced ...Every ELEX 2 Map Piece Location. Map Piece 01 Location. You'll find the first map piece way out on the southwest corner of the map, along the broken bridge. Map Piece 02 Location. To the northwest of The Fort, you'll find this in a run-down building, just laying on a mattress. Map Piece 03 Location.This video is spoiler-free guide meant to provide new players with in-depth tips, tricks, advice, and strategies to make the game easier and more enjoyable. ...A better weapon at that level will have str and or dex requirements that you don't meet. But one of the easiest to grab is on the island in the middle of a lake just to the east of Goliet on your map. If you take the quest to find the 8 healing plants that quest sends you to that spot.The clerics amulet which eliminates the dependency on mental energy potions, is a reason to pick clerics over berserkers. does it feel like cheating when you do it, In war, if you're not cheating you arn't really trying. If you want ranged combat to be more under the control of your own reflexes, switch off the target lock in the game difficulty.This page serves as a basic how to play guide for ELEX. The early game can be quite challenging for players unused to the ethos and gameplay of other Piranha Bytes games. Many of the enemies are very difficult to kill for low-level players and avoiding them is often the best strategy; always carefully watch your surroundings as you travel so you don't accidentally blunder into a group of ...For example, Troll have 70 armor, so weapon that have <71 damage won't do any damage, weapon that have 71 damage will do 1 damage and weapon with 72 damage 2 hp damage, which is twice as good(!) as 71 damage wapon, so that's why crafted bow is basically best weapon in the game with 120 damage(not counting heavy weapons uniques - they can't be ...Video with Elex 2 Legendary item location - Calaan's Light Energy Weapon🎞️️️️️️️️Item Location Playlist: ... This place is located east from Domed City. YRequirements are easy to reach, because they are 59 Remember to roll (the O button for PS4/PS5) and do so often. The enemies in Elex 2 do a good job of telegraphing their attacks, so just wait for the animation of the attack to start and roll. Keep your guard (L1 … Armour & Accessories: A complete list of body armour, helmets, s Hagen is also selling weapons and ammunition. Ignadon is a volcanic land that is roamed by many dangerous beasts. If you want to explore these lands without escaping from each fight, you should reach, at least, level 15 and equip good gear. The Hort is the most important location in Ignadon - this location is the headquarters of the Clerics.Nov 20, 2017 ... Elex 2 - Location Of All LEGENDARY Weapons ... [Elex] Guide - Ultimate Cleric Build - Best Weapons ... Elex 2 - The Cutter Location - Best One- ... Upgrading your character's skills in Elex 2 is complica...

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Hagen is also selling weapons and ammunition. Ignadon is a volcanic land that is roamed by many...


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The world of Magalan Is huge and full of hidden places with awesome loot and Legendary Weapons.*Support channel on Patreon:...


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On this page of the Elex 2 guide, you will learn how to unlock all companions: Caja, Nasty, Bully...


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LP. Requirements. 1. Cost of learning new abilities is lowered by 10%. 500. 1. Intelligence 40, Cunning ...


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